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Discussion on: Is "AI" generated music finally useful? [for Indie Game Devs]

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Timothy Foster

I can totally see using something like this for a short-term event like a 48-hour game jam! As opposed to using the same set of free songs a lot of other people use and thereby sounding cheap in the process 😬

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InHuOfficial Author • Edited on

That is a good shout! Excellent suggestion!

I also thought that things like hold music etc could be good uses, background music for cafes etc - basically anywhere where you don’t actively listen I think this music holds up just about well enough that you could get away with it!

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Alex P-B

I used aivi in the recent epic megajam.
Still ended up doing lots of editing on the 2 tracks used, and they were generated over several iterations.
Game can be seen here

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InHuOfficial Author

Looks cool, will try and have a play when back at PC!

I think the trick is to get familiar with a decent midi editor and export to that as their editor is pretty hard to work with.

Saying that I think this is the first time I have had a good at anything to do with sound design so maybe it is just that I am a noob!