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Hi, I'm Aurel and I'm unusually enthusiastic to have discovered you all!

I discovered this website last night, through reddit and I immediately fell in love with it!

Whilst learning the ever growing number of javascript frameworks and trying to build my own projects I found writing to be an amazing tool to help me understand exactly what I don't understand! I have been writing my own notes for a while now. I've also been thinking of starting a blog but something didn't feel right about that idea!

This platform really feels welcoming and I think it might be a great gateway to start sharing what I have learned and what I am still learning.

So ... let's see what else can I say about me that would not bore you?

Other than being addicted to caffeine and the computer screen, I also love running!

One afternoon 2 years a go I felt as though I was an absolute rubbish programmer. You know, when you read an error, you copy and paste it in google, you click on the first few StackOverflow questions but none of them relate to your problem? You might even ask a question and get told that the question was asked before, then, as if every StackOverflow user is watching you, you go red and think "I know but I had no choice, I been staring at this for hours". You know what I mean, right? Come on, it can't be just me! Well, on one of those afternoons 2 years a go, when a bendy bracket decided to be curly, I abandoned my hot coffee and went for a walk! The walk turned into a run! When I came home, it was as if the curly bracket was shouting at me "yo, I'm not supposed to be here you know? My bendy friend should replace me", and that was that, I became a runner!

Thanks for reading, write to you soon!

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Peter Kim Frank

Welcome, @aurelkurtula — love this mini-bio and introduction. Look forward to seeing you share more of your writing around here :)

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