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re: WOW! 100+ books each year? Stunning! 👏 I once read that it doesn't matter what kind of books you read, as longs as you read. But anyway, you're w...

Oh yes, if anyone reads this and is thinking about getting into reading, I highly recommend reading books that aren't related to the tech field. Fiction and non-fiction, even if you love tech books.

But since I already read, it be cool if 1 out of 5 was a tech book :)

Though, the best advice on how to get more reading done is to read just what you like reading and sooner or later you'll get around reading the "must reads" (if there are such books)

Personally I'd love reading more on this topic, keep it up :)

You didn't read the tech books because we kind of read them more thoroughly? I feel that I need to dive deeper if the book is technical. It's like reading 100 fiction books and 100 technical books are two different challenges and reading 100 books is more challenging. At least that's how I feel.

Maybe, but honestly not. I read non-technical non-fiction. I read few classic philosophy books, like Plato's republic and so on. The truth is I found them to be very interesting and personally useful that spending time reading tech books when I could read these other books always felt like a waist of time. Not saying it is a waist of time but honestly that's how I'd explain the rational behind my decision.

Technical books might be more challenging but I haven't even tried to read them !

We are talking about non coding books, right? We aren't talking about books like eloquent javascript, they are "a must", they are just long form tutorials (like, if anyone knows if there's a book on Elm, please let me know)

It's like, if you love coffee, the idea that you could be drinking something else that would have the same effect doesn't even interest you.

There are a couple books on ELM, I'm writing a post about ELM where I want to share my recent discoveries. It will be ready tomorrow or maybe a little bit later. I found a couple of books and a couple of great video courses about elm.

That's cool, I'll definitely check that post out.

Since you seem to know about this: I found a video series on Elm on youtube, does the fact that it's a year old (I think) matter? Even the books must be based on earlier versions of elm, would I still benefit from them?


I made a post. There are a couple of video courses that are fresh you can check them out, as for books I think you can start reading Elm in action. It's not even finished yet, so it's fresh.

P.S. No, I don't know what I'm doing. I'm beginner. But I feel like I'm moving in the right direction that I'm learning Elm.

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