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Aurélie Vache
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2022 in review... What a year, again and again!!

Last year, at the same period I started to write a blog post about how to 2021 year was awesome, half of the article was written but I was postive at covid and I was not well, so I decided to never published it:

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I had accomplished a lot in 2021, more than 20 talks/interventions, several podcasts, I became Docker Captain, CNCF Ambassador, a new series of videos on docker on youtube, a series of articles on Go, a new job...

Lots of things to say and something to be proud of, but the morale was not there.

So this year I also wondered if I should do one.
After reflection yes I will do a little retrospective of this year ... super sporty and rewarding, but I will try to be brief so as not to bore you :).

2022 In short

  • 28 talks/interventions
  • (Including 3 keynotes 😱)
  • (Including 6 talks in English)
  • (Traveled in France, Europe (!!) and USA (!!!))
  • 1 live Twitch
  • 6 internal workshops
  • 1 full year as a DevRel
  • Co-organized "Le Camping des speakers" tech conference
  • CFP member of several conferences (Camping des Speakers, Very Tech Trip, Kubernetes Community Day France, KubeCon Europe 2023...)
  • Published a visual book about Kubernetes physically
  • Became a GitPod Hero
  • Written several articles on
  • Written several articles on Programmez magazine
  • Created and maintaned a listing of tech conferences
  • Contributed to Docker documentation
  • ...

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Focus on my main challenges (& success?)

It took me 36 years to dare to say I am proud of myself and I think I can be proud of what I have acomplished this whole year too.

The first ever Keynote

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This year was the first time I was asked to create and present a keynote. It was quite a challenge. Honestly, for 3 and a half months I had big doubts, I modified and re-modified the keynote then I presented it to Volcamp, in Clermont Ferrand (France): (what if we learned to) Learn and share differently).

Image description

I'm not going to lie to you, I was stressed ^^. Presenting a keynote, presenting the talk that will set the tone for an entire conference, is a huge responsibility.

But I presented it & I received only great feedback, the attendees liked it so that's the most important thing.

It was an awesome opportunity, thanks again to the Volcamp organizers 🥰.

First time in the US

This year, participating at the KubeCon Europe 2022 as an attendee, during the first keynote, I was not well. I feel not well. I feel small. So small. I remember of me tweeting that how KubeCon was a very huge conference, how awesome was the speakers and how I will never submit a talk because I am not as good as the others...

And ...

Several months later, I saw a tweet telling that everybody can submit a talk for the KubeCon NA (North America). "Everybody".

And I don't know what took me, a strange surge of courage ^^, but I submited my talk on tips for fighting impostor syndrome.
Yes, as if this talk could pass for the huge KubeCon conference?


And during my holidays in August I received an e-mail: "Your submission was ACCEPTED for KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2022".
I have read the subject of this email several times. "Accepted". Accepted? I am accepted? At KubeCon? Me? In USA???
It was a strange feeling.

Finally, few months later, a few days after presenting my first keynote, I flew across the Atlantic and I gave my talk.

Image description

I was sooooooo nervous. It was not easy to speak in english, with my non-fluence. Moreover the talk was in live! (and my husband was able to attend it ❤️).

Image description

And... People seemed to like the talk?!

I received a lot of very good feedbacks, and private messages.

Image description

And I had the surprise to receive a very good note:

Image description

First keynote ... in English(!!)

Few weeks after, I received a message asking me not to give the talk about impostor syndrome as a talk but as a keynote... A keynote ... in english ... in sweden...

Again, it's so a strange feeling when you read the message and an awesome one also :-).

So, I had the opportunity to went to Stockholm to give my first keynote, in english!

Image description

I was stressed, but I wanted to do my best, only my best for this last travel accross the Europe.

Image description

Despite the stress, and the fact that it was in English, I wanted to take pleasure in presenting this talk which is close to my heart and despite my lack of fluency, I was really happy to present the talk and the participants liked it .

DevFest Stockholm organizers were lovely and did a great job! Thank you again! ❤️

And ... published a book ... a thing that took me 2 years of work

After 2 years of drawing and writing every evening, I finally, published my visual book about Kubernetes: Understanding Kubernetes in a visual way.

Image description

Publish a book, to explain Kubernetes, with illustrations, with sketchnotes, in paper version, personally I thought that would not interest anyone. But I'm glad to see that's not the case. People I don't know bought the book (I see you laughing while reading this passage, but honestly I seriously doubted it! :-D).

Image descriptionImage description


It was a very enriching & interesting year. I met a lot of awesome people.

But it has also been a super tiring year, I can't say otherwise.


As usually, I think I haven't thought of everything but for someone who was unable to pronounce their first name, I think it has been a busy and awesome year.

So thank you for believing in me ❤️

What's next?

Good question.
I have several talks planned for the begining of 2023 and we will see for the rest 🤞

I planned to finish and publish my visual book for Docker physically in the begining of 2023 too.

And the rest, I don't know :-).

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carlarjenkins profile image

Thanks for coming to the US! I have a question: what's the timetable for publishing your Docker book? Please let us know. Thanks. Congratulations on a great 2022!

aurelievache profile image
Aurélie Vache

Hi Carla, it was a real pleasure coming to the US ♥️
I hope I'll can come again in the future.
About the book, I've work a lot on it the past days/weeks so I think it can be possible in January 🤞🤞🤞