COVIDiary pt. 4.5 - Database Fixes

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Cool Cats and Kittens

Welcome to Part 4.5 of the COVIDiary project! If you’re just joining us or missed a post, here’s what we’ve done so far:

This week, we’re going to work on our PostgreSQL database in the CD-api directory. By the end of today, we will:

  1. Fix improper boolean names
  2. Add is_public boolean to entries
  3. Update seed file
  4. Reset database


I was reading up on naming conventions this week, and I came across this article. I realized the boolean names in our tables did not follow best practices, and I set about changing them.

Good Idea at the Time

I’m going to go into Part 3 and fix the mistakes I made. If you’ve been coding along with me, check out the video below to see how to make the changes yourself!

Coming Up

Next week, we’ll work on setting up our routes, serializers, and controllers so the front and back ends can talk to one another. Until then, stay well!

Stay Home


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