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Portfolio template with the free version 🔥

atulcodex profile image Atul Prajapati ・1 min read

Hi friends, Hope you all doing well 🐱‍🏍

Today I am so excited 🤗 to say you guys, I have just launched my first Premium Personal Portfolio template with free demo version named ATUL.

The site is looking so elegant because I have used all Major and important elements which is very important for Portfolio websites.

This site is having a total of 3 types of home pages like image version, Particle version, Video version 😎 so that the user can choose according to his point of view.

In this template, I have also designed one main Blog page and one Single blog page.

I have written this article because I want your opinion about my first premium template (ATUL).

So please follow the link and review my work in a comment. It will increase my productivity 💪💪💪

You can also download the free version of this template.

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Ridhik Govind

Hey man I checked out your portfolio templates - Its quite impressive. The design and how well things are presented are clean . Also the docs which explained each part of the code was also a good way to understand the behind the scenes. :-)

atulcodex profile image
Atul Prajapati Author

Ohh thanks ridhik, your words about my work, made my morning extra productive. Thanks 💐 brother 😍

ridhikgovind profile image