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I made a free theme πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»πŸ£

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As you might know guys I am a junior frontend developer work in an agency. When I was started to learn code then I have dreamed to make some website templates from scratch on my own. And today I made this 😎 restaurant website template and you can download it from here DOWNLOAD. Guy's I request you to download this theme and give your suggestion in a comment so can make some better improvement in this theme. Thanks in Advance πŸ’‹πŸ’

Lasagna restaurant website

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The lasagna restaurant theme is a one-page template for any type of restaurants, bistros, sushi bar, fast food, casual dining, fast-casual, buffet, pop-up restaurants, and much more.

Lasagna theme is a clean and modern HTML, CSS, and Javascript theme for cafe & restaurant and any food-related business website built with the core HTML, CSS, and javascript tech stacks. Lasagna theme supports responsive layout so it looks great on all devices. It has predefined styling for modern cuisine restaurants, Asian food restaurants, and elegant food restaurants which is now ready for a sushi bar restaurant 🍣πŸ₯ but you can customize it according to your business and restaurant.

Live Demo πŸ’»

Live Documentation πŸ“„

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-Clean & commented modern codes
-100% responsive
-Free font, icons, and images
-Documentation included both online and offline
-Unique Design
-Parallax scrolling
-Single page
-Easy to customize
-Header side navigation
-Developer friendly
-4 Second load time
-Supporting for all Browsers
-Page loader
-24/7 support

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Atul Prajapati


Hi i'm Atul Prajapati and i'm a Creative Web Designer/Developer and Digital Marketer Helping small and medium size businesses to grow online with my creative skills.


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Hi Atul, Great work brother. My Suggestion is

  1. make header sticky as its one page site.
  2. put 'scroll to top' icon as its as basic requirement for one page site.

Thanks πŸ’ brother, I'll surely add this features 😎


Great work! main suggestion: I would go for performance by optimising images for responsive mode. It seems you load much larger images than needed for mobile view.


Yes you are right brother πŸ™ I have forgot to optimize images 😁. But I will make this changes in next version πŸ˜‰. Thanks πŸ’


I loved it it is very clean, beautiful and very consistentπŸ™


Thanks πŸ’ brother, you maked my day 🧑