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Add this to re-enable the loading layer on page exit(ing):

window.addEventListener('beforeunload', function() { = "";

Coba dulu. Terus klik salah satu tautan di halaman. Efek loading bakal muncul lagi.

Sorry bro but I can't understand your language πŸ™„ but thanks for commenting

Hehehehehe. I so sorry. I use Indonesian because, Taufik is Indonesian. Hehehehehe

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I noticed in some cases you used .spinner:before and .spinner:after instead of .spinner::before and .spinner::after for the pseudo-elements. I think you need to use double colons since a single colon is reserved for pseudo-classes, like :focus or :hover.


Okay hmm interesting 😲 I will try thanks for your opinion 🌷


The logic is correct Aleksandr, but in practice this is rarely needed. Most people just use : for everything. I've never seen a situation where using ::before worked and :before didn't.


I had no idea that was so simple without a framework!


Really love this one.
One question is it is compulsory to set the /stimulate page content/ code ...?


No it's your body content I have added it for page content put here your page code. Any other questions bro?

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