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Atul Arvind
Atul Arvind

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Cleora: Free Tailwindcss Wordpress Theme

I am using tailwind from almost two years and I really love to use it compared to bootsrap and bulma. due to the fact of easy ness to customize it as per my need for theme designing.

To learn the TailwindCSS I have created a pilot project with SailsJs and improved it over the time to master the skills.

After mastering the tailwindcss skills I planned to make a wordpress theme from scratch, but because being a Odoo Expert, I failed many time developing a good wordpress theme.

Failure isn't fatal, but failure to change might be - John Wooden

I learned many thing on my failure, I self thought the concepts of the wordpress theme develpment. I reviewed the code of other theme to master the concepts, and I used that learning to create this simple, minimlistic, responsive wordpress blog theme "Cleora"

Cleora TailwindCSS wordpress theme

Cleora Uses the tailwindcss@3.0.24 with autoprefixer@10.4.7 and postcss@8.4.13. and you can change the theme color using the theme customizer according to your preferences.

There are only few tailwindcss themes are available on wordpress themes. you can check the code by downloading theme from Here, and check the preview here.

If you want a source code you can check out github repo. Feel free to submit PRs.


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