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To find company admin panels

⚙️Some ways to find company admin panels 💻

  1. Using Google Dorks:

site: inurl: admin | administrator | adm | login | l0gin | wp-login

intitle: "login" "admin" site:

intitle: "index of / admin" site:

inurl: admin intitle: admin intext: admin

  1. Using httpx and a wordlist:

httpx -l hosts.txt -paths /root/admin-login.txt -threads 100 -random-agent -x GET, POST -tech-detect -status-code -follow-redirects -title -content-length

httpx -l hosts.txt-ports 80,443,8009,8080,8081,8090,8180,8443 -paths /root/admin-login.txt -threads 100 -random-agent -x GET, POST -tech-detect -status- code -follow-redirects -title -content-length

  1. Using utilities:

https://github dot com/the-c0d3r/admin-finder
https://github dot com/RedVirus0/Admin-Finder
https://github dot com/mIcHyAmRaNe/okadminfinder3
https://github dot com/penucuriCode/findlogin
https://github dot com/fnk0c/cangibrina

  1. Using search engines:

Sh0dan:" "http.title:" admin "

ssl: "" http.title: "admin"" "admin

ssl: "" admin


cert = "" && title = "admin"

cert.subject = "company" && title = "admin"

cert = "" && body = "admin"

cert.subject = "company" && body = "admin"


ssl: + title: "admin"

ssl: + admin

Censys (IPv4):

(services.tls.certificates.leaf_data.issuer.common_name: AND services.http.response.html_title: admin

(services.tls.certificates.leaf_data.issuer.common_name: AND services.http.response.body: admin

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please sir i am interested and like to learn this but this is not clear to me. i dont understand this.

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