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Hafiz Muhammad Attaullah
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Its a culture, concept, process and approach that merges software requirement gathering, software development, testing, quality assurance, system configurations, product deployment and operations. Organizations building or improving software products are moving towards a DevOps approach where development, testing, security, quality assurance and operations are getting merged within a large team and those technical resources work side by side to achieve higher return on investment

DevOps is one of the most broad topics within software dev because it lacks boundaries and limitations. Many technologies, tools, concepts, processes and ideas converge to give a good DevOps pipeline and DevOps process resulting in agile planning, continuous integration, continuous delivery, and high level monitoring of your enterprise level software systems. Hence, devops is not a single role or even a team's work that deals with all the technologies and processes. It a mixture of culture, traditions and process.


  1. Continuous Integration
  2. Continuous Deployment
  3. Testing Mechanisms & Strategies
  4. Monitoring & Alerting Systems
  5. Logging & Distributed Tracing
  6. Software Debugging
  7. Software's Configurations
  8. Batch Processes, Trigger Processes
  9. Build Systems & Tools
  10. Configuration Management
  11. Automation Platforms
  12. Observability Systems
  13. Quality Assurance Tools
  14. Version Control Systems
  15. Artifact or Package Repositories
  16. Issue Tracking Platforms
  17. Code Quality, Review Systems
  18. Containerization Tools
  19. Software Orchestration Systems
  20. APIs Management Platforms
  21. Different Testing Environments
  22. Cloud Services
  23. Scripting Language
  24. One Programming Language
  25. Distributed Systems
  26. Operating Systems (Linux, Unix)
  27. Shell Scripting
  28. Software Security Concepts
  29. ITSM (IT Service Management)
  30. Relational & Non Relational Storage
  31. Virtualization Technologies
  32. Servers, Host Machines & Systems
  33. Clustering, Replication, Deadlocks
  34. Partitioning, Distributed Systems
  35. Microservices, APIs & FaaS
  36. BigData & DataOps
  37. Open Source Tech(s)
  38. Master Data, Data Warehouses, Data Lakes
  39. Agile Methodologies & SAFe Framework
  40. Software Management Life Cycle
  41. Software Architecture & Design
  42. Functional & Non-Functional System Features
  43. API Gateways, Service Mesh, Load Balancers
  44. Enterprise Platforms & Infrastructures
  45. Integration Concepts (ESB, Middleware)
  46. Web, App Servers
  47. Dependency Management
  48. Deployment Mechanism


  1. Ability to learn new technologies
  2. Highly collaborative
  3. Able to handle stress
  4. Good management skills
  5. Excellent communication skills
  6. Flexible & understanding
  7. Able to learn business features
  8. Able to understand end to end process
  9. Able to understand stakeholders
  10. Capable of dealing with many technologies Image description


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