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Convert PHP Project to Android App

Before Beginning

PHP is an excellent choice for beginners to learn about development of Web App. For a PHP learner, if you want to share your works to others, making it to an Android App is a best choice without establishing a website. Don't worry about matters, what we need is just a mobile phone!

HopWeb App can just make an Android App from a PHP project.


  • Preparations
  • Preview Project
  • Customize Your App
  • Install & Share Your App
  • FAQ


  • HopWeb (Version 2.7.0 or above, download via Google Play)
  • An Android phone with Android 8.0 and above. (64-bit ARM CPU is also necessary.)

Create or Import A PHP project on HopWeb

  • Open HopWeb, create a PHP project by pressing [Create Project] button. And then check "PHP Template".

The dialog of creating project

  • If you want to import an existing PHP project, you can press [IMPORT PROJECT] button on "Create Project" dialog, and then choose the ZIP file of your project.

  • Furthermore, you could download a project that is shared by others on ideaSky. As a demonstration, I downloaded the resource named "Simple User System". You can find it by searching RID: IDEA-10002.

Find a resource on ideaSky
The detail page of ideaSky

Go back Home after downloading, and you can see the project. Just open it.

Preview Project

HopWeb has a built-in PHP environment, so that you can preview the PHP project directly through HopWeb.

  • Touch the "≡" icon in the left to open project manager.

The page of project editing

  • Click index.html or index.php to open the file and preview it by the green triangle icon in the bottom right corner.
  • Let's register an account, and log in then.

Log in

  • You can find the registered accounts information in the data folder. Clear the content of file users.json to delete registered accounts.

Project manager

Data file editing

Customize Your App

  • If you want to use a different icon rather than the default, you need to import the icon image file to the project first.

Click [Import]-[Import Media File], and choose an image file you like. You can see the image file you imported in the file list after importing.

Imported file

  • Click [Publish Your Website], and click [Convert to Android App] then.

Publish dialog

  • Click [Application Icon] and choose the image file we've just imported.

Modify App icon

  • Modify other information of the App to your liking. Don't forget to check [Carry PHP Environment].

Modify other information

  • After customizing, press the OK icon at the bottom of the page to produce the APK installer file.

PHP prompt
Conversion finished

Install & Share Your App

  • After conversion, go back to the project manager, and refresh the file list by swiping it down. You can see the produced APK file.

The APK file in file list

  • You could open the system file manager App and locate into "Internal storage -> Venter -> HopWeb -> Simple User System", and you will see the APK file. Install by clicking on it.

The APK file in file manager App
Install your App

  • Open your App, and the webpage has become a client application. The PHP code can also run as normal. App screenshot 1 App screenshot 2


  • There is an error when open the produced App: The port of PHP environment may be incorrect. You can modify the port in the Convert to Android App page. The range of ports is 1024 ~ 65535. Common ports like 8080 are not recommended.
  • The PHP project used MySQL: HopWeb will support database server like MySQL in the future version, but not currently supported.
  • Incompatible PHP version: The PHP version of HopWeb 2.7.0 is 8.2.8. If your PHP project uses some syntactic features of PHP 7, there may be some problems.
  • System requirement of produced App: Require Android 6.0 and above systems. The architecture of CPU must be ARM 64.

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bgstudio profile image
Burger Studio

HopWeb provides me with the opportunity to develop web projects on my mobile phone, and it is not limited to static pages, but also supports PHP. In addition, there is our ideaSky, where everyone can share and obtain high-quality works, which is of great help to us in learning web development. I saw the "Image of Splash Page" in this article, it's my work "Fireworks", lol.

cybercrackers profile image
Usman Alibaba

I convert the app but php file is not showing when I open the app only html and css

cybercrackers profile image
Usman Alibaba

My app that I converted it only show Html and css no php cod