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Discussion on: Can you age out of dev?

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Alexandru Trandafir

I'm a full stack self taught developer kind of working on my own with a couple of clients.

I've started at 15 playing with open source web templates. I'm 33 now.

I've only been at one company for about 4 years in the beginning, so never really had an actual career progression inside a company.

Five years ago, after failing at making a profitable profuct, I went from freelancing alone, to setup a company and hire some devs.

I never liked management, I like to get my hands dirty and build stuff.

Now I'm on my own again, freelancing and trying to get back at building a product.

I sometimes feel that I don't have the time to keep up with new tech, but maybe that's because I need to make more space for that, and also because there are many new things to try.

But anyway, I'm very efficient with my current tech stack (LAMP).

And as others said, one thing is the trendy tech, but the knowledge gained from projects cannot lose its value.

And also, I guess career inside standard companies is great, but who knows maybe in the future you feel like doing something else. Join a startup, build your product, quit coding and be an activist. Who knows. Haha.

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Sarah 🦄 Author

Thank you and very true, who knows what will happen in the future, for now I'm just going to focus on what I enjoy which is building cool shit :)