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ILUS a css framework for madlads

most of us would love a simple framework with some features but some madlads love things when they have every feature imaginable

ilus css is one of those css framework which tries to do multiple things at once
ofcource its not the best at everything it does but it does a solid job of making your website look funky

login page img
here is a login page made with ilus

ilus websiteanother site made with ilus

ilus has a lot of things

sliders in ilus
some of the inputs in ilus

  • complex components(no js)
  • colors
  • built in animations
  • responsive grid system
  • utility classes

one of my favourites is the navigation menu which is very easy to build and also fully responsive
responsive navbar


  • unique it gives websites a unique look go for it if you like the looks

  • animations has basic animations built in and can easily be used

  • utility classes you can do most of the css using utility classes

  • lightweight ilus is extremely lightweight and quick to import only 22 kb

  • responsive grid and media queries everyone wants responsive sites and ilus has responsive sites


  • terrible naming convention sometimes the class names makes you think this framework was made by a depressed 14year old

  • not for everyone :ilus's looks are highly stylized and may not be for everyone

  • terrible documentation there are no tutorials or proper documentation for ilus it doesnt even have a proper domain


some hard truths

so here's the part where i drop my persona and accept the truth

i made ilus

yes this whole thing was made by me a year ago while i was 15 or maybe 14
i wandered through source codes of many other css frameworks learning how they function and finally i made ilus (no palagrism)

its got no real life users tho except maybe me and i dont even code nowdays cause i gotta learn for exams

btw check it out on github if you want and use it if you liked it๐Ÿ‘

learn more about ilus

view on github

the biggest fault of this framework is that its built by a guy who is an amateur who has stopped coding now

pls dont send pull requests idk how to push them using github๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿฅบ

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