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Digital Garden

I have decided to create screencasts. My goal is to eventually get good enough on this so I can create a couple of courses, help people level up their career, and learn in public.

So, it‘s only natural I start following up on people already good at it. Recently I started consuming more content from Nicolas Schürmann, Simon Vrachliotis, Tomasz Łakomy, Xiaoru "Leo" Li, and Joel Hooks. Here's why you should follow each one of them:

  • Nicolas: great guy, motivated, always helpful. He's the one who got me into this whole screencast thing (more on that on a dedicated post, there's much appreciation overdue for this guy)

  • Simon: This dude is a constant wave of positivity and good mood. He's as experienced as he's motivated, always has something nice to say but never hold back on his opinions.

  • Tomasz: A prolific content producer. He's pragmatic and straight to the point without dropping his sharp sense of humour. His videos play a big influential role on my own. Also, a genuine approachable nice guy ready to help.

  • Leo: Another great content producer. Very technical and always eager to help!

And, lastly JHooks, who has me inspired in start writing more. Yesterday I was watching a stream from Party-Corgi on Twitch and when he was asked about the concept of Digital Gardens it all made sense to me and I was hooked by it (pardon the pun, irresistible).


Digital Garden is a concept of writing for yourself. No need for extra preparation, you write your mind, you let it out. People will find it? Maybe. People will like it? Someone will. People will hate it? Who cares?!


Allow me to add another metaphor for the Gardening one: writing is an exercise for the mind. No exercise is bad, so the mere gesture of writing stuff is already beneficial, at least for yourself. At the very least you’ll get better at expressing your ideas overtime.

And the best part is, there’s no telling what that seed will grow towards. Maybe someone will find it later and like it and that can spark another idea that will help that person in something, like Digital Gardens did for me.

And that’s it. I will be writing more from now on.


While I have your attention, allow me to plug in my Youtube Channel: Scope Leak. Built with the very same concept of a Digital Garden, byte-sized tutorials for you to level up as a Web Developer. Check this ongoing series on Arrays for Efficient Developers. Check out the intro video:

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