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3 Awesome frameworks I learned this year🥳

In this post I'm going to introduce top 3 powerful frameworks that I learned this year and I'm super excited to explain about what they do and how developers love them! Let's go... 🤩

1. Laravel


Laravel is a free and open-source PHP framework based on MVC architect that provides a set of tools and resources to build modern PHP applications. It performs as one of the most secure PHP frameworks.
Laravel uses Blade as its template engine and provides powerful database tools including an ORM (Object Relational Mapper).
Laravel is also famous for simplifying some repeated tasks in web development such as authentication, authorization, session, middleware, routing...etc which makes the life easier😉.

Before learning Laravel I used to work with pure PHP but when I started learning it, that was like a huge progress and a huge change in the professional direction of my work.

2. Node.JS


Oops! Node.JS is neither a programming language nor a framework. (Some people say it's something between a framework and a language).
But more accurately Node.JS is a JavaScript runtime built on Google's open-source V8 JavaScript engine.

In simple words as you know JavaScript is inside the browser but what if we could take JavaScript out of the browser and execute it somewhere else, without all the restrictions that we have in the browser 🤔? That's right! This is exactly what Node.JS is.

3. Tailwind

Tailwind is a CSS framework that uses low-level utility classes to create layouts. (This is known as utility-first framework🧩).
Traditional CSS frameworks like bootstrap use classes that are directly correlated to components (eg. Alerts, Navbars). Tailwind uses classes as utilities to put together to build own custom components.

✨Believe me! if you take a look at Tailwind you'll be addicted to this awesome front-end framework.🤑

I hope this post has helped you and thank you for reading this post.❤️
Don't forget! Comment what you learned this year or what you want to learn in the new year.

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