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Tapas Adhikary
Tapas Adhikary

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ReactPlay presents #2PlaysAMonth for Web Developers

Hey There πŸ‘‹

ReactPlay presents an exciting event #2PlaysAMonth for ReactJS/Web Developers to learn, build, and share. Oh yeah! Also to win some exciting prizes, too.

The event starts Feb 1st 2023 and ends on Feb 28th 2023. You will be building 2 projects in these 28 days on any ideas of your choice! You need to follow a few rules that you can find here:

#2PlaysAMonth Event from ReactPlay

How to Participate?

  • You must complete two plays(React Projects) on ReactPlay between February 1st to February 28th 2023.

  • You must follow the Create a Play steps to create the play. Please create an issue on the ReactPlay repository for each pull request.

  • Your play must have #2PlaysAMonth tag added to it while creating.

  • You can build any project of your choice. If you are looking for ideas, here are some you can get inspired by.

  • You must register on stackstream.

  • Create a demo on stackstream explaining your work and add the recording link to your play by editing it.

    That's it, and you are all set to go.

About ReactPlay

ReactPlayΒ is an Open Source platform that helps anyone learn ReactJS faster with a hands-on practice model. It is a collection of ReactJS projects you can use to learn ReactJS.

Is that all? Nope. You can also create your projects and share them with the world. The best part is that ReactJSΒ expertsΒ will review your project code before it gets part of the ReactPlay platform. Isn't that a pure WIN-WIN?

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