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How to add Video in file?

Amirul Asyraf
Indie Guitarist 🎸🀘
・1 min read

Recently, the CEO of Github, Nat Friedman share some small improvements made to Github that hopefully improve our life just a little bit.

There are 5 cool improvements, but I want to highlight one that is even cooler 😎.

So, what is it ??

Video files that you drop onto markdown files are now automatically embedded! 🀘

To me, it is cool tho. You just drag your video file on your laptop or pc to the markdown file in Github. Done.

Easy peasy.

Before this, I can embed the video either change it to the gif or create a new file and reference it to the README file.

Thanks, Github πŸš€.

If you try it, the result will be like this;

Screenshot 2021-04-20 at 07.15.42

I created this repo as an example so you can look at the raw or markdown file.

The end :p

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