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How to add Video in file?

Recently, the CEO of Github, Nat Friedman share some small improvements made to Github that hopefully improve our life just a little bit.

There are 5 cool improvements, but I want to highlight one that is even cooler 😎.

So, what is it ??

Video files that you drop onto markdown files are now automatically embedded! 🤘

To me, it is cool tho. You just drag your video file on your laptop or pc to the markdown file in Github. Done.

Easy peasy.

Before this, I can embed the video either change it to the gif or create a new file and reference it to the README file.

Thanks, Github 🚀.

If you try it, the result will be like this;

Screenshot 2021-04-20 at 07.15.42

I created this repo as an example so you can look at the raw or markdown file.

The end :p

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909ido profile image

Cool. thanks for the information

corhydare profile image
Danila Popov

But what's the code to embed it without dragging and dropping it?

jzombie profile image

You can view the code on GitHub. For this video it's:

# This repo has a video on its readme :p

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