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Google Chrome's New UI Refresh 2023 (I love it!)

Lately, I noticed Chrome's look got neater, similar to Windows 11 and Mozilla Firefox. But then, it disappeared.

I followed a blog to bring it back, and I'll share an easier version of those steps while giving credit to the original author. You can find the detailed guide in the original blog linked below.

But before that, let me tell you more about this change!

Have you heard about the upcoming Chrome Refresh 2023 (CR23) update?

Google is set to give its popular browser a fresh look, and we're here to guide you on how to enable these exciting visual changes in your Chrome browser. It's reminiscent of the sleek design elements seen in Windows 11, offering a cleaner and more modern browsing experience.

What's New in CR23:

  • Material You Design: Chrome is embracing the "Material You" design language, familiar to ChromeOS and Android users, to bring a more refined look to Windows 11, 10, macOS, and Linux.

  • Enhanced Toolbar: The top toolbar now boasts larger buttons and rounded corners, adding a touch of elegance.

  • Address Bar Redesign: Buttons within the address bar have received a fresh design, including share and site information buttons.

  • Revamped Main Menu: The main menu has undergone a facelift, introducing new icons for easier navigation and a dedicated menu for managing tabs, now located on the left side.

  • Dynamic Color Scheme: Chrome is working on a feature to automatically adapt its colour scheme based on your wallpaper, much like Android's feature. Users can enable this option manually.

  • Mica Material Integration: The integration of Mica material aligns Chrome's design language with Windows 11.

  • Customization Options: Soon, you'll be able to personalize the look and feel of your browser by matching Chrome's colour accent with Windows 11's theme (currently available in the Canary Channel).

Chrome new UI Refresh 2023

Credits: MAURO HUCULAK's Blog

How to Enable CR23:

  1. Open Google Chrome (version 117 or higher).
  2. In the address bar, enter: chrome://flags/#chrome-refresh-2023 and select the "Enabled" option.
  3. Enter: chrome://flags/#chrome-webui-refresh-2023 and select the "Enabled" option.
  4. Enter: chrome://flags/#customize-chrome-side-panel and select the "Enabled" option.
  5. (Optional) Enter: chrome://flags/#omnibox-cr23-expanded-state-height and select the "Enabled" option.
  6. (Optional) Enter: chrome://flags/#omnibox-cr23-expanded-state-shape and select the "Enabled" option.
  7. Click the "Relaunch" button.

Chrome new UI Refresh 2023 Experiments Page

Credits: MAURO HUCULAK's Blog

With these simple steps, you can experience the new visual elements that Chrome is set to roll out in 2023, including a customizable Side Panel to enhance your browsing experience.

For a more detailed guide, be sure to check out the original blog post by Mauro Huculak over here:

Top comments (10)

brojenuel profile image
Jenuel Oras Ganawed

When will be enabled by default? I mean is there a news when will the update comes?

aswinbarath profile image
Aswin Barath

I'm not sure about the exact release date for the new UI update. Google usually rolls out updates gradually for a smoother experience. Stay tuned for official announcements, and in the meantime, you can manually enable it using the steps mentioned in the blog to enjoy using the new Chrome UI!

brojenuel profile image
Jenuel Oras Ganawed

just got the new update just now,, damn chrome is a lot cooler now..

Thread Thread
aswinbarath profile image
Aswin Barath

Exactly! It is so cooool, right!
I specifically loved the dropdown for bookmarks, rounded corners and tab grouping features. It's so much cleaner and more modern than the previous version. This is why I immediately wrote a blog post and shared it with everyone. I just couldn't shut up and use it for myself.

jonrandy profile image
Jon Randy 🎖️

Microsoft Firefox????

aswinbarath profile image
Aswin Barath • Edited

Sorry, it's Mozilla Firefox 😅
I've updated the blog as well.
Thanks for the head up!

marksmith991 profile image
Mark Smith

Thanks for update

aswinbarath profile image
Aswin Barath

You're welcome!

skyrail02 profile image

Not sure if the refresh 2023 is official. It happened after a Chrome relaunch on one of my computers only, although they have the same build number 119.0.6045.124 (Build officiel) (64 bits) under wndows 10.
I noticed Chrome have been very slow 15 days before the update (following a fresh clean install of windows 10) and still just after chrome update.
I was not happy too with the new design about bookmarks disappearing in a smooth design (lack contrast)
I, then, disabled all chrome refresh 2023 flags and got speed and design back.
Hope Google fix this unhappy try in the future.

ebbandfloweb profile image
Eleanor Black

"Lately, I noticed Chrome's look got neater, similar to Windows 11 and Mozilla Firefox. But then, it disappeared."

Can you PLEASE elaborate? I too had this happen to me just now. My Chrome automatically updated to this new UI like two weeks ago and it just disappeared on its own! I have to manually intervene and enable Chrome Flags to get back this look. So does this mean Google reverted its update or something?