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Introducing Gptlab: A Bridge Between ChatGPT and GitLab

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What is Gptlab?

Gptlab is an integration plugin designed to bridge ChatGPT with GitLab. Its primary goal is to enable users to leverage GitLab functionalities directly through the ChatGPT interface, offering a unique project management and collaboration experience.

Project's Vision: Teach by Showing

Gptlab isn't just a tool – it serves as a demonstration of how to craft custom plugins for ChatGPT. Many of us have desired to customize and extend ChatGPT's capabilities but it's not always an intuitive task. This project aims to illustrate how this can be practically achieved. If you've ever wondered how to integrate ChatGPT with other tools or services, Gptlab provides an excellent starting point!

Future Developments

The goal of this repository is continuous evolution. In future iterations, the idea is to make it as straightforward as telling ChatGPT, "Do a code review for branch xxxx", and it will seamlessly integrate with GitLab to get the task done. Imagine the potential of effortlessly managing your GitLab tasks via simple chat commands!

Why should you care?

  1. Intuitiveness: By using natural language, you can perform GitLab-related tasks directly through ChatGPT.
  2. Flexibility: With Gptlab, you can integrate your ChatGPT bot with any project on GitLab.
  3. Time-saving: Instead of juggling multiple tools, you can use a single interface for communication and project management.

How does it work?

To get started with Gptlab, simply clone the repository, install dependencies, and fire up the Docker service with docker-compose up. Then, set up your environment variables like GITLAB_PERSONAL_TOKEN, and you're good to go!

The API will be accessible at: http://localhost:3000.

For details on how to connect the plugin to ChatGPT, check out our


I'm keen on sharing this tool with the broader community and am eager to hear your feedback, insights, and suggestions.

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