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3 Steps to ensure effective & long-term maintenance of your app

By following the best app maintenance practices, you can ensure that your users continue to have seamless and engaging app experiences. Here’s what you should consider for maximizing the benefits from app maintenance:

1. Build your app well from the start:

When creating an app, make sure to keep app maintenance in mind from the very start. This means using a functional platform that is easy to scale. Make sure the platform uses reliable and latest technologies that won’t become obsolete as soon as you finish development.

Moreover, you need to invest in testing, including security, performance, and other types of testing. Testing documentation can help you with app maintenance and support later.

Also, don’t forget to add features in your application that are practically convenient for the users. You can avoid adding unnecessary features to your application that can drive the users away. During the planning stage, your choice for iOS, Android or cross-platform app development will help you determine what features will deliver an amazing experience for your users.

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2. Take care of scalability:

Your app’s structure and architecture should be robust enough to handle any number of users. In order to serve thousands or millions of users at the same time, you may also need to upgrade the features and functionalities of your app. Otherwise, you may quickly lose your new users as well as the money you invested in marketing.

3. Stick to your development team:

If you are working with an app development team, make sure to stick with them. If you hire new developers every time, they’ll need time to get acquainted with your project and learn about the technologies used.
When your app is maintained by the same team who created it, the process is rather painless and quick. Your developers know exactly what needs to be changed once a new operating system version is out or a new feature is planned.

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