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Am I not wanted anymore? WTF?!

This is not one of those "s**" posts. <3

It is an attempt to vent and record the sorta downtrended job-market atm i.e. Winter-2023. I recall one of the conversations (from my recent employer) with the then CTO of the company where I said on the lines of "IT-Winter is here, may be", few months back.

And here I'm writing this without having a "job". :)

In the media, it is prevalent that companies hired more than "required" number of resources during Covid and now it seems they are firing as much as "becoming mainstream news".

So, a little about my profile or at-least what I indicated on resume (no-offence to those who have not hired me or those who may approach my resume) - have 5+ years of development experience crafting applications under the react-ecosystem for web and mobile.

In my very recent and 2 year long-running (more like ran) contract I did a lot of work around unifying the source code for mobile and web so expo/react-native, react, etc. Sadly, took the risk with "real-risk" takers of the company without any equity in hand and hoped for things to turn favourable once again (the pay-checks became infrequent). The CEO kept attempting to tell that the investors are going to send money soon. And after some ~6 pay-checks missing the only thing that has remained constant is those pay-checks - unpaid (paused working for a while). Then, decided to just "fire-myself".

Don't worry this is not a hate-post. The work I collaborated with the team there was valuable (to both me and the company) and was learn-full.

But, sadly, the question rang today - Am I not needed anymore. Has my skill-magic outrun the market-requirements. I may have not been the star computer-software engineer like ones working in FANG or other rich and famous places, but I have tried to do the level best in my professional capacity and time has rewarded me nicely in past-professional years. What's the reason, even when people can see that I can help make the project a success, that they are moving on without me (anyways, that's what I think after getting rejected in most of the interviews with many things going just right! :)).

Don't get persuaded by the word "most". The number of interviews are frankly less in number than the time I was on the full throttle job-hunt before (approx. two years ago).

So, should I say my skills are not that great - how would that justify the real work that I have done for people. Then, should I say market has less jobs for the same skills - I'm unsure - I mean, I still see job-posts for the react-js roles. And I think at the least the "5+ years of experience" in it should stand some better chance than just a novice one in the same slab. Great, then may be it's time for me to retire (just kidding, I'm by far the least one eligible for that :)).

WTF? How do I go about it then. One, I have been keeping myself busy - learning and exploring things - nothing new on that front, just a little scaled up version. And I have been keeping an eye for the job-posts and applying to them. And keep researching on how to get better at certain things which might be more relevant in today's market or upcoming one. May be develop the scope for long-driven gist of full-stack-development - trying new avenues.

But all-in-all thankfully I'm available to those and not available at the least fully to the madness and anxiety of not having a job atm due to "having" the "job" in past career years.

And hopefully things will turn around just-in-time. ;)

Cheers and for the people alike me or having a rough patch of time - keep it up; don't just be mad - keep it up and be hopeful for the more good of the times are ahead of us and yet to unfold more.

All the best, *****.

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