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Adding 3rd party SDK to your apps?

Unicorn Ninja
・1 min read

I know, a lot has been said now about adding some 3rd party SDK to your app, as Google started banning a lot of apps or developers recently. But tbh, most of the cases i have seen, were developers fault.

As i have read, if your app has been removed due to having 3rd party SDK, its basically, coz you havent mentioned it properly in TOS. You had to change your TOS with providing info of what you have added, and what you are collecting, and then you could have reuploaded the app without the fear of getting banned. Most of developers havent done that, and just reuploaded apps back, without clearing up anything, which resulted in ban from store.

TL;DR, do you think its still profitable doing that, if you make all the TOS clear, and do everything "by the book"?

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johnston616 profile image

I am wondering is it worth accepting 3rd party approaches to implement their SDK in my app right now? As in, Google probably added some higher "security" and monitoring on this, as they removed a lot of apps. So even if everyhing is correct in TOS, there still might be higher chance that my app will get removed?