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re: This post hits the nail on the head. Not only is there an issue with most job descriptions, but you could prepare for the interview for angular/rea...

I’m sorry to hear about your job predicament - that’s not cool. It does however add to the point I’m making so thanks for sharing.

I had a very similar experience (although with a different ending). I had botched a whiteboard style logic question - and I admit it was a simple question that I over complicated the answer to.

This cost me that job, even though I answered every single React question without a hitch (by the way the job was for a “Senior React Developer”).

As for systems of control - I have many views on that but haven’t thought about it much within this space. You’ve definitely given me something to ponder...


This has been the outcome for the last 6 months for me. Along the way I try to tell people the truth but they refuse to believe, it's easier to keep believing the lies they have known all the time and so it doesn't help me much to mention to them that all that stuff they know is lies. In fact, most people only know what they're told, which is not necessarily the truth, but necessarily lies masquerading as truth. In school they don't teach people how to think, they teach people what to think.

Another instance is when I applied for a ruby developer and even though I know rails good enough just because I forgot the answer to a question question and said "I can't remember", I didn't get the job. Doesn't mean I can't look it up when I need it, and the guy must not think that way. Most people think you have to memories all of it, and forget we can search for stuff online. In the beginning of the interview the guy didn't even introduce himself, he just said "Go ahead", and said "Go ahead?" and he's like, "Yeah, go ahead". Mostly people get so full of themselves and are clueless about true wisdom, all this tech wisdom is not wisdom at all.

All this tech we keep building out will be used by the elites to control us and kill us later, so think about that.

I found your post on hacker news and created an account on dev.to because of that. So thanks for that and thanks for the great posting.

I recently wrote a post of my own, granted it's not very well written since I did it fast and there's just to much info on these topics. You can find the post on my dev.to page, but here's the link to it.


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