Show off your stickers!

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Stickers (or your lack of stickers!) can say a lot about your personality and interests as a developer!

Here's my primary laptop:

Bonus! Here's the bottom:

Also, while you're going through the effort of photographing your computer, you can also send it to devlids!

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The unicoooool sticker is just awesome :D want want want! The rest of your stickers sure is nice too :3


Love the pattern -- you have a bunch of great ones!


Looks like the heroes are fixing their gaze on the, JS DEV sticker, with the facial expression of, "Need more backup!".


I presume thats bag of Android replacing The Apple with alien bite.


😂 I eventually did!


I just started a new job in September so my sticker game is not quite there yet. Waiting on my membership stickers to help round it out :)


Nice! These are awesome! I have the OSMI one too!


Ed is great! I've gotten to see him speak three times now and I just love the work he does with OSMI.


I also have a fridge magnet of the custom :cry-blood: emoji. It's one of my favs.


I always tell people, "I'm not a real IT person: I don't put stickers on my laptop." That said:

  • I've never put bumperstickers on my cars
  • My boss used to yell at me because my cube was so barren that the building's seat-nazi was threatening to reclaim my desk because she thought it was unoccupied
  • my wife considered it a great victory when I allowed her to buy a painting to put on our otherwise bare walls
  • I chose my Android's homescreen/launcher because it allowed me to tuck all of my app-icons into drawers
  • I get genuinely annoyed when people leave icons scattered around a desktop.

Probably some other examples of my spartan aesthetic I could point to. :p


Hey, I hope this doesn't appear as spam but would you please review my app thats on Google play. Its my side project, I'm currently using it personally. But I feel it's not battle tested enough. I picked your comment because I related to some points you mentioned


The devlids link seem to be broken...

Below image shows my laptop, a notebook & kindle



The closest thing to a sticker would be this one on the speaker:

Also pictured:

  • sheet from adhesive feet for Schiit Modi 2U
  • a single adhesive foot from a D-Link DCS-5### series camera that fell off in 2008
  • smooth but poorly-attached brownish sticker of unknown origin
  • 2x EZY4613 SXF-ATH boarding pass stub from 10JUL (year unknown)

Other "stickers":

A Czech chicken baguette, from Poland:

Quality assurance tests from my last two APC UPSs, attached with original tape to the inside of a wardrobe:


Chicken strips baguette sticker is not in Polish, but in Czech 😆🥖


Shid, you're right!
But I procured it in Poland.

Going to their site, PL is the second language in their picker, after CZ.



ooo posted on Twitter but just saw this post! This is a Dell XPS 15 that my daughter poored a whole cup of coffee on and it still works!



I love the rainbow github one! Here's mine, I plan to add more:

Laptop with stickers


Here's mine!

Daniel15's Laptop

I'm upgrading to a newer laptop soon though, so I'm going to have to either lose the stickers, or work out how to remove them and re-stick them on the new laptop.


Though I use a desktop, Mac Pro, and another work notebook. Non have stickers on them. I like the clean OEM look. #callmeoldfashioned


I've been working on mine since September - mostly stickers from MozFest, looking forward to the ones I'll get from Hacktoberfest and Microsoft🎉

Laptop with stickers


That one comes courtesy of and from Samsung Internet :)

One of my favourites is the bottom right - Mozilla Science's Science Fox


My current devlid, sitting next to my current reading list.

I've also already seen one of my two stickers (two of them on this lid are for different podcasts of mine) on other lids in the comments.


I usually keep my stickers to the minimum replacing them over time :)


Hey dude, where did you get the sticker from ? Can you send me the link, if that's possible.


I'm pretty minimal, but I like that they're both handmade - the catrina is hand-painted/inked!

feminist laptop stickers


Thanks! There's another handmade sticker forthcoming, but I have to earn it first 😸


My laptop stickers

Oh, and at the risk of sounding like Sideshow Bob: I don't wish death upon something called unkonf - in this case 'die' is the german female definite article. ;)


I have one on my water bottle 😆 can anyone donate some? 😂


Love that bottle :) which brand and size is it? Would love to get one



Home on the left, work on the right. Felt like hiding the Razer icon on the right so no one questions me working on a gaming laptop haha.

The home one is still a work in progress. Got a few sticker packs coming.


Forgot about the power adapter! No to more road tolls!!

No to more tolls


Only have the one.

But this thread is making me want to go heavier. I'd love to come across stickers of the old-school PLT Scheme logo...


Its a bit of a mixed bag at the moment - some tech, a few picked up at comic cons and some from work - need to buy myself some stickers. They look so lovely on other people's machines.


I no longer have a MacBook Pro, I just have an iMac and iPad Pro. I just today put stickers on the case of the iPad.


Here you go. ↓

P.S. I am also getting some stickers printed soon.


Thank you. I don't have a Dev.together sticker :( @ben . Got old stickers. .together makes the most sense. :)


Some of my sticker cases, but not all. I need to get an updated picture. :)


Hi, I've managed to resist plastering mine with language/library stickers thus far haha.
Laptop with Aperture Science sticker placed in the centre


My work laptop:

work MacBook

And my personal laptop. Never really had anything on it until now. My wife just made this penguin sticker for it. I just love it.

personal laptop


Okay, what does the lack of stickers on my notebook devices tell you about my personality?

I like it plain and orderly, and yes, I know that I probably have got a stick up my own arse in this case. 😜


Even though I always have stickers on my laptop, I always look enviously at other people's sticker-less devices!


hey is one of those related to "Eat a Peach"?


I am afraid it's not. The car is the logo of the company I work for (Le Wagon) and the background is hummus - a sticker made by the Tel Aviv branch.


Showing some love for my local meetups / conferences lid

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