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Discussion on: Everything You Hate About Clubhouse Is Why It Will Win

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Ali Spittel

Honestly, I like it because I feel like it lowers the barrier to entry of content creation. Sites like DEV and Twitter make it easier to write. There hasn't really been that for podcasting. It's hard to grow a podcast and invest in all the things you need. Clubhouse is less pressure, less work, and less centralized. There also is some type of recommendation algorithm which there really isn't with podcasting.

I also think the ability to invite people up who raise their hand makes it feel less top down than podcasting and most social media. I agree that the invite only/iOS only is exclusive, and I hope that fades soon. I also hope they add auto-captions for a11y purposes.

Also honestly, the move away from video is a really welcome change, we've chatted about how much work video content is, especially for women getting ready lol. I like the discussion without video aspect of it, though it does make it harder for code-heavy stuff.

I think Twitter spaces may honestly be the answer here, we'll see.

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Lou (🚀 Open Up The Cloud ☁️)

You make a really good point. I think that the lower barrier to get on there is really cool, and I like that it's just talking/riffing ad-hoc. I know lots of people who went out and bought lighting rigs just to give meetup talks over this past year! 😂

It's interesting what you say about being less top-down, I must say I have heard quite a few complaints about the selection of speakers for rooms and how they're managed. I've not spent enough time on there to really form a strong opinion myself.

Kinda wild though that new platforms come out which take away aspects (in this case video) and that's the secret sauce...

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swyx Author

i did talk about the lower barrier to entry at the end! i agree. and yes turns out video is a bug, not a feature.