11 Ways You Can Get Involved in the Tech Community

Ali Spittel on May 21, 2019

If there's one thing I wish that I had done earlier in my career, its getting involved in the tech community. Getting involved has been the most im... [Read Full]
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Awesome article Ali! I can’t stress blogging enough too it has helped me in my career also attending meetups and organizing too. I've learned to never underestimate the power of community.

By the way you said 7 points but you listed 11 I’m guessing that’s a typo.


Ahh thanks! And great catch! It was originally 7 and then became 11 haha


This list is very complete and well detailed. I was recently thinking about it and this comes very handy. I am about to publish something on the benefits of meetups, I am very happy to see it in the list.

Office hours is probably my favorite. It takes a lot of time, but to me it feels like the ultimate altruistic thing to elevate others. Big congrats on that!


Great article as always Ali! Some really solid suggestions there - the Twitter one is particularly relevant for me as I've found out so much about tech events (and you, which then lead me to read this now!) just being on there. I'll have to give the #DevDiscuss hashtag a try on Twitter when I think of something next time!


To the point| lucid | excellent, literally learned so much, thanks for writing :)


This post is timely for me. I recently attended my 1st tech conference (#PyCon2019) and performed an original short play called "Hello!!! ... World?" (you can read the proposal here if interested). Unfortunately it wasn't filmed, but I'll release the script at some point in the near future.

At any rate, I appreciate the breakdown of different ideas and ways to become involved. It's something I've been thinking a lot about, and dramatizing it in front of strangers was a big part of my journey so far.


Great list of suggestions. I try to take part in even if i'm a woman !


It shouldn't be an 'even if' but more like a 'because'. Your input would be highly useful for others in the same spot :)


Ok thank you for the advice! I appreciate it :D! (sorry for my bad English haha)


Great list of suggestions. I try to take part in as many of these areas as time permits and encourage everyone else of any level of experience to do the same.


Great stuff, Ali! All great points. I'm really interested in the streaming side and getting comfortable enough to stream myself coding in React which can be intimidating when I'm still starting out. Thank you for this list!


I really love the Office Hours idea! How do you put it in place and promote your office hours to the community :) ?


All great points, I gotta get started doing more of these :D


Thanks for sharing this great post. It's always a beautiful thing when we help others. It can be really life-changing for a lot of people.


Great article, I'm looking forward to use these tips to connect with other programmers. Thanks Ali!


Great tips! Getting involved in open source is really important, even small contributions really help the projects, community, ones CV and experience :)


I am so glad that even though I merely no anything, I'm already doing a few of them. Thank you for good post!


Thanks for the list! Video tutorials are definitely one of my future steps, but that's a whole new skillset to master!


Can someone explain to me the idea of Office Hours, please? It's quite unclear to me. Thanks!


Great article, always inspiring. Thank you for your support.


Very cool. Females have unique feelings about such things.

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