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Recap my 2022 Year

The year 2022 has almost closed to an end.I literally don't believed that I did a lot of things which i scarred about once.But Im happy that I overcome on my fears and putting it out aside from my mind and move on with positivity ,motivation and last but not least with a great mindset.These things helps me soo much to grow up and building my new skills and improved some previous skills.Well Let's start

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A lot of things I did this year but I failed many time rather than get achievement.As it is said
"Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts."

I strongly believed in that for getting or achieve anything in life all successful people in this world fail many times.But its totally fine because it is mandatory to fail Why?
So, the answer is which i get in this year from my own self is that if we don't fail we don't overcome on our fears which is the hurdle in your life to achieve anything.In addition of this ,failing every time it does not mean you always getting failed no,not at all.If you fail the you must need to learn from your mistakes and improved yourself next time.
In this year I did soo many new things.Lets start one by one to recap it.

Google Girls Summer script of Code(Gssoc)


GirlScript Summer of Code is a 3-month long

OpenSource program by GirlScript Foundation.

1st March - 31st May 2022

I contributed first time in my life in this big open source program but before that i already know about open source and other stuff related to it but this program helps me to implement my knowledge,In addition of this, I explore soo much new things about open source I contributed in many different repos My pull request merged too.When my first pull request accepted during this program I was literally soo happy.that boost me too much to add value more in open source program. Finally on 31 May 2022 this chapter comes to an end with soo much learning.

* Selected for MLSA Microsoft Learn Student ambassador

**Before selected into this program i try once but not selected but after failed i improved my self and next time applied under the guidance of my best senior whose name is I don't think soo i need to mention here By the ways .
I feel soo grateful that day when i received email from Mlsa team.I was literally soo happy.
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After I get a chance to participated in remote internships Intern Pakistan,lets grow more and Oasis Infobyte.

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This chapter also closed with a lot happiness.

So, this journey is still continue.

Ux/UI intern

When this chapter end i continue move on to the next chapter.I applied for ux/ui again.and got selected.Allhumdulliha I got selected and doing my internship.So, this is the whole my 2022 journey I learned a lot of things doing courses get certificated too.


After that i also applied to become a GDSC Lead that was my huge wish in my life . When i met with a senior in the mid of my third year I find changed a lot in myself i always get inspiration from him.He always guide me motivate me .Because of him I overcome on my fear to become a gdsc lead .But many times i think its too late to apply because of this thoughts in my head many times i feel i should not go with this process by the ways after soo much analyzing I took final descion to move ahead and applied for that and try luck.
Soo, Finally i applied for that i give my best.
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After applying for gdsc lead the next step is to waite.
After 3 to 4 weeks i think i waited and get email to pass my first phase I was literally soo happy.

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After that phase i have to schedule my interview I did and give interview .Well according to me interview goes very good.But i think its my fault but get rejected at the end.
As it is said

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What i learned by this?
Yes,I demotived a lot by seeing that rejection i felt sad almost for two weeks.I cried too but at the end I teach myself its okay to be rejected but in future to make yourself more strong and improved my skills to get success.Its a path of success people to be failed in life .I improved my skills and working on my self.As Allah said:
O Son of Adam!
You have your desire and
I have My desire
But My desire shall reign
Though if you surrender yourself unto My desire,
Then I shall bestow upon you your desire
But if you oppose My desire,
Then I shall tire you of your desires
And ultimately My desire shall reign….”

Source: Hadith Qudse

Full stack Intern

After that i get a chance as a full stack intern .I applied there to improve my skills more.Allhumdulliha I got selected .
Image description .
Finally successfully completed my three month long internship as a full stack dev.

UX/Ui Internship

I was confused in my designing and development career as I spend equal time on both fields to learn still learning.So, i think i should applied for ux/ui internship now i applied for ux/ui internship and got interview schedule and Allhumdulliha got selected.
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But at the end on the day of onboarding due to some personal issue i cannot able to accept this offer.I was feeling sad soo much.This is great opportunity but situation is not right for me at that time.Well I healed and continue working on myself.

Organized my first Git and Github session from MLSA
I organized he events first time in my life on Git and GitHub from mlsa.its was a great experience for me after that .

***MY Projects Learning and certificates*
My work Link:

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