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Recommend VS Code extensions to your future teammates

If you are using an awesome VS Code extension and you want to share it with your current team members and future ones, you can use this feature of VS Code.

Configuring recommended extensions

  • Open the command palette CMD + Shift + p
  • Type Configure Recommended Extensions
  • A new file called extensions.json will be created under .vscode/ in the root of the project.
  • Place the cursor within the recommendations array and press CMD + i.
  • Select the required extensions from the list of installed extensions and save the file.
  • Include this file in your source control tools(we use Git).

Create VSCode extensions.json file

Installing recommended extensions

Once the configuration is done, everyone who opens your project will get a recommendation notification like this
Install recommended extensions VSCode notificationFrom here the extensions are just a click away.
On clicking Install all recommended extensions will be installed.

For any reasons, if the notification doesn't show up we can manually open up Recommended Extensions settings

  • Open the command palette CMD + Shift + p
  • Type Show Recommended Extensions
  • All the extensions can be installed together or only required extensions can be installed

Using command palette to open Recommended Extensions settings

CMD + i is one of the default VSCode shortcuts to trigger suggestions/IntelliSense.

Keystrokes and mouse clicks can be made visible in VSCode by turning on the Screencast Mode from the command palette.

Feel free to comment your thoughts on this. Let me know if you find this useful, do share your tips and tricks for utilising VSCode to its fullest.

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whoisryosuke profile image

Great article with some nice techniques and clear direction. Really shows a mastery of the software. Thanks!