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Discussion on: Back to Square One

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Javid Asgarov

I have mainly one side-project, and I started doing it to learn the tech at that time to get a job. And I think it's contributed to getting hired, cause they were looking it over a bit when interviewing me.

But I'm not sure what done is for that project, I use it mainly to do some coding, I'm the only user of it, and I still mention it on the portfolio, and also it is a playground to learn to code some things.

So, I don't know what my philosophy would be, maybe get it working and then do small improvements each time. I also keep track of things, I would like to add, things to refactor, things to explore or learn within that side project.

That's like what I can say based on my little experience with side projects.

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Joe Zack

Sounds like we agree on philosophy!

I feel like every side-project makes me stronger, I just want to be careful to balance my rushed experimentation with focus on best practices. :)