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Learn Web Development by Building Projects

In the first episode of AskDevs twitter spaces, I spoke with self-taught developers on the relevance of coding projects.

Here are my learnings from the session, which will teach you how to improve your web development skills with project-based learning.

Let’s go! 🚀

Escape tutorial hell 🏃

Tutorials are great for solving a specific problem. But you need to create projects to build coding skills.

A real-world project involves a lot of debugging and troubleshooting, which can’t be learned by just following tutorials.

Here, @swapbuilds who is a top-rated freelance developer suggests

Learning to code is like learning to play football. Once you understand the rules, you improve by practicing. Similarly, you improve your coding skills by building projects.

Remember that tutorials are fine. Tutorial hell isn’t.

Start Early, Start Small 🏁

You don’t need to learn 100% JavaScript to start building projects. Nor do you need to take up Netflix as your first project.

Find a project that you find interesting and are 90% confident that you can build.

According to Pritesh, a dev content creator

Developers should start creating after learning the basics. Like, once you have a working knowledge of HTML and CSS, you can try building 1-page websites and landing pages.

Creating something of value keeps you motivated in your journey.

Up complexity slowly 📈

If projects are too easy, you will lose interest. If they are too hard, you will give up. In between, there is a sweet spot.

Whichever project you choose, make sure at least some parts of it are challenging for you.

@accodes21 , a student web developer adds here

It’s important to keep leveling up the complexity of projects. Once you are comfortable implementing simple UI components, think of how you can use them to implement more complicated components.

You build your skill by doing difficult things.

Collaborate 🤝

Developers working alone is an outdated stereotype.

You can build with peer developers by

  • Pair programming

  • Participating in hackathons

  • Contributing to open source

@rakeshsangem8 a frontend developer and an open source advocate advises

Different developers excel in different areas. With collaboration, not only do you build higher-quality projects, but also learn from other developers.

Collaboration improves both your coding as well as communication skills.

Showcase your work 🎨

Once you have amazing projects, it’s time to share your work with people.

Simple ways to do that are by creating a portfolio website or hosting projects on GitHub.

@shubhicodes a frontend dev recommends

While working on projects, blogging or tweeting about it helps a lot. It’s a great way to document your journey and showcase your skills.

Learning in public keeps you accountable and can land you job opportunities.

Wrapping up 📝

Knowing how to code is not enough. You need to create something that solves real-world problems.

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rakeshsangem8 profile image

Well structured and super informative 👏

codewithvoid profile image

Thanks Rakesh for sharing amzing tips 😊

dil2010 profile image
Dilan Udawattha

Well structured article. I really like your discussion start early and start small.

codewithvoid profile image

Glad you liked the discussion Dilan.

wasco123 profile image
Odubote Wasiu

Thanks more knowledge and wisdom sir

maurerkrisztian profile image
Maurer Krisztián

Very good tips, side projects are important

codewithvoid profile image

Thanks for reading Maurer!

shubhicodes profile image

Amazing write up @void and great space. Looking forward to next one !!

codewithvoid profile image
Void⚡ • Edited on

Thanks for sharing valuable tips Shubhangi!

isalahyt profile image

Thank you so much 💖

codewithvoid profile image

Glad you liked it :)

pushkarko profile image

Very clear. This sort of clarity helps in every phase of development.

codewithvoid profile image

Thans for reading :)

vikasz1 profile image

Loved the article.

lovepreetsingh profile image
Lovepreet Singh

The most common mistake the people do is like they pick heart projects and then they demotivate along the way

Kindly check my Blog too

codewithvoid profile image

Sure Lovepreet. Thanks for reading.

alessiodemarino profile image

there is like a road map of project ordered by easy to hard?
for measure how much i suck at coding ahahah

muhammadiqbalid83 profile image
Muhammad Iqbal


adityamms profile image

I skip css to learn js and went to make a project but didn't even now how to center div lol

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