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Help making an IoT Real-time Dashboard

askbalubabu profile image balu ・1 min read

Hey guys, so I'm working on a project where I have a bunch of sensors uploading data to a database. I also need to build a dashboard where the data gets updated in realtime. I have already finished the hardware part and am currently confused on how to make the realtime dashboard. I am pretty decent in using the Flask framework, and I use it quite often for my web dev projects. The realtime part is the one giving me a problem to figure out using flask. If there is any way using flask or even without using it, please let me know.

I greatly appreciate any suggestions.

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Serhat Teker

Just for alternatives: For real-time part you can choose Tornado which has async I/O "out of box". It is very similar to Flask.

Another option would be Twisted. It is "Event-driven networking engine written in Python". Well-documented and widely used.

And Django has now async support; Django Async.

Also here is an example you'd like to look at : Build a live dashboard with Python. I'm not using Pusher or any of their services but the articles seems familiar what you're looking for.

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FYI: I'm not the front-end person too!

I'm using Flask-SocketIO (which use SocketIO) extension for updating web page dynamically.
It's easy to use and have example from this excellent post.
What I'm implementing is I use MQTT protocol after receive message from broker then Flask emit the message to web page after that I use JQuery to update that page.

Hope this help :)

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