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Discussion on: How to deploy web apps as a beginner ?

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Vlad • Edited on
  1. You can combine front-end and backend startup in the same package.json command. Never tried this approach for Heroku.
  2. You can always deploy a Docker container to Heroku anyway.
  3. I just warried about free/paid tear for Vercel. 12-24 lambdas means 12-24 possible endpoints for backed while normal site could have up to hundred (for various CRUD operations). Even if you combine several endpoints under a single lambda like "POST/GET /user" +"PUT/GET/DELETE /user/:id" there are still 6-12 unique entities that might be not enough. On Heroku you are not limited, but yes it's still 24-7 running instances and you have to scale manually in case of increasing load. And yeah, if you need a WebSockets - forget about it with Versel. They reccomend using 3rd party integrations which pricing is awful (100 connections for free and 500 for $50/month !? Startup project might have thousands).
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Aadi Author

Woah..! Awesome.
Didn't know about these, thanks alot for sharing 🙌