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Ashwin Sharma P
Ashwin Sharma P

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Beginner-friendly resources for Python

Python is an amazing language, that is being used by top companies like Google, Instagram, Spotify etc. It is a language in great demand. Internet is full of Python resources. So it becomes difficult as a beginner to choose the right resource for starting out.

I have listed out some YouTube channels, websites and books which are beginner-friendly and which gives us a strong foundation over the basics.

β€’ Youtube Channels

Corey Schafer

This channel is unarguably one of the best resources for Python. Corey Schafer explains the core concepts of Python which can be easily grasped by the beginners.

πŸ‘‰Corey Schafer

Python Basics

This channel teaches about the various features of Python language in a simple manner.

πŸ‘‰Python Basics

Python Tricks

This channel mainly focuses on the shortcuts and tricks in Python language by Bhavesh Bhatt.

πŸ‘‰Python Tricks

freeCodeCamp Youtube Channel

freeCodeCamp helps a large number of people worldwide get access to programming for free. It has a large community and is one of the best places to start off.


Python Programmer

Python Programmer channel by Giles includes a tutorial on basic as well as advanced topics of Python. He also shares about best books for Python and its applications.

πŸ‘‰Python Programmer

Programming with Mosh

Programming with Mosh Youtube channel covers tutorial on various tech topics. This channel's Python tutorial is also considered as one of the best for beginners.

πŸ‘‰Programming with Mosh

β€’ Websites

Real Python

This site offers Python tutorials for developers of all levels, in the form of articles, books, courses, videos, podcasts etc.

πŸ‘‰Python Tutorials - Real Python


freeCodeCamp may be familiar to most of you. They have a systematic curriculum. In addition, they have an awesome community, where you can ask your doubts if you are stuck. They also have their Youtube channel which is already mentioned above.


Python documentation

Never underestimate the knowledge that you can get from the documentation. They are the best resources I would say. Except for a few languages, documentation are well-written. Python also has one of the best documentation. So if you are beginning out or stuck at some point, never hesitate to refer to Python documentation.

β€’ Books

Python for everybody

This book by Dr Charles R. Severance helps one to understand why programming is important. It also is widely used by beginners to learn Python.

πŸ‘‰Python for everybody

Think Python

Think Python by Allen B. Downey is an amazing book for Python beginners. It uses simple language along with code snippets so that the readers can practice along with reading.

πŸ‘‰Think Python

Automate the boring stuff with Python

This book teaches its readers Python in a different way. How python can be used to automate various small tasks and various other things are discussed in this book.

πŸ‘‰Automate the boring stuff with Python

Hope you learnt something useful in this article. If you have any good resources for beginners in Python, please share in the comments.

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Corey McCarty

I came in just to make sure that Automate the Boring Stuff was included. It's such a great resource.

ashwinsharmap profile image
Ashwin Sharma P

Yes. It is an awesome resource.

vinodthebond profile image
Vinod Kumar R

Tech with Tim YouTube channel is my top choice. Worth mentioning.

ashwinsharmap profile image
Ashwin Sharma P

Thank you for sharing the resource that you found helpful. πŸ™‚