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Try Optional Chaining and Nullish Coalescing on JSitor, its live

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JSitor, now supports

Using the power of Babel plugins

How to use

Just set "JavaScript Babel and JSX" mode in settings for JavaScript view and its ready for you. Here is the screenshot to find it

Optional Chaining

The optional chaining operator ?. permits reading the value of a property located deep within a chain of connected objects without having to expressly validate that each reference in the chain is valid. The ?. operator functions similarly to the . chaining operator, except that instead of causing an error if a reference is null or undefined, the expression short-circuits with a return value of undefined. When used with function calls, it returns undefined if the given function does not exist.

Try example - https://jsitor.com/bIhQS-b4Y

Nullish Coalescing

The nullish coalescing proposal (??) adds a new short-circuiting operator meant to handle default values.

You might already be familiar with the other short-circuiting operators && and ||. Both of these operators handle “truthy” and “falsy” values. Imagine the code sample lhs && rhs. If lhs (read, left-hand side) is falsy, the expression evaluates to lhs. Otherwise, it evaluates to rhs (read, right-hand side). The opposite is true for the code sample lhs || rhs. If lhs is truthy, the expression evaluates to lhs. Otherwise, it evaluates to rhs.

Try example - https://jsitor.com/QIPOSicZu

Give a try and share your feedback. We would love to hear from you guys.

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Does Nullish coalescing still return a Zero when the tested value goes back to being null? Or is that react's fault


Hi Seanmclem, Sorry I am not able to understand what exactly is the condition you are asking. Is it ( 0 ?? null) or something else. If you want to test this by your self you can this web dev tool jsitor.com/QIPOSicZu and try this out. Thanks.


Nullish coalescing is a little different from the regular ternary operator and && operator statements.

In the statement

val1 ?? val2,

It will return val2 only if val1 is either null or undefined. For the rest of the other conditions, it will always return val1.


This looks amazing!

As a side note, I love how uncertain everyone sounds when they're talking about nullish coalescing.

The nullish coalescing proposal (??) adds a new...


Yes, now with this tool you get more clarity about this feature :)