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Introducing Shuttle 🎉 - An Space Blog App for space lovers


Shuttle is a space blog app for space geeks, people who love reading about space.

It brings you daily ISS reports, daily blogposts, and latest news all at one place.

v1 of the app support three features-

  • Daily Blog posts

  • Daily ISS Reports

  • Latest News(Daily update)

More features will come in subsequent versions.

Shuttle under the hood uses Spaceflight News API(SNAPI) to dynamically fetch all its content.

Tech Stack

  • React - For Front-End

  • Tailwind CSS - For Styling and Layout

  • Headless UI - For Components

  • Spaceflight News API - For blogposts, ISS reports, latest news

Link and Screenshots

Link of the project - Click Here

Full Screenshot of the Shuttle App desktop version

Desktop Screenshot

Full screenshot of the mobile version of Shuttle App

Mobile Screenshot

My current plan for future versions is to improve the desktop design of the blog + add a small ecommerce store to the website.

If you like the project please give the feedback.

Happy Coding!

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