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Improve FCP and LCP for Performance ReactJs

Hii... I was working on an application but when I run an analyze page load I got a low score on FCP and LCP I need to improve those both to increase my app performance any suggestions/ideas to resolve the issue and improve the performance

My FCP score -- 3.0s
My LCP score -- 3.0s

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Mangor1no • Edited

React is not a good way to go if you want a beautiful lighthouse score. FCP score will always high because the way React works is based on loading a big chunk of JS. You can consider moving your app to NextJS if you want to improve your app FCP. LCP normally can be improved by reduce the size of images/videos, eliminate the things that block your loading and rendering. You can read the detail from here

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Thankyou for the info it would help me a lot...