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re: What are your thoughts on Tailwind CSS? VIEW POST

re: the HTML depends on the specifics of Tailwind, making it very difficult to move or change in the future. It's actually vice versa. It was very e...

But you're putting the responsibility of appearance on the HTML, which it shouldn't care about. I realise it makes things easier for a backend dev that doesn't know much about the front end, but it's basically the equivalent of not using dependency injection because you prefer each class to create all the instances of everything it needs by itself. Sure, it works, and it can be done very quickly, but it's not clean, and it isn't going to be very maintainable at scale.

If you Google other people opinions on Tailwind you'll find numerous claims that it is actually more scalable, more maintainable.

To believe all those people you'd need to try it yourself.

Let's close this thread until you compare the traditional semantic CSS with Tailwind yourself on a real project.

Cheers! 😀

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