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re: Electron clearly has value as evidenced by Slack, Microsoft Teams, Atom, Webtorrent, and all the other inventive apps out there. However, there's a...

I tried using Atom once on a computer with more than 4GB. It worked fine until I added more than one plugin, then there was visible interface lag between the time I hit a key and the letter appeared in the editor. In a world where tons of other editors get this right (Notepad++, Kate, Sublime, PHPStorm, VSCode, etc) there's clear evidence that Atom is just sub-par, and I think this can be attributed to Electron.


VSCode is also built on top of Electron, so I don't think Electron is the culprit of input lag.

Well, I wasn't trying out VSCode with any plugins, so it might still be Electron, and where I was using VSC was on a work computer with 16GB of RAM, so again, that would mask most issues.

But when I can even run a full blown IDE like PHPStorm of Netbeans and it runs faster on the same machine than Atom, I'd say that Atom has some issues...

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