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Develop an MVP product of Uber with Flutter

Ashely Benson
Flutter Developer
・3 min read

What if you build a product and it doesn’t fit into the market? You would waste your time and the cost of building the entire product.

Instead of this mess why don’t you start with MVP?

What is the Minimum Viable Product (MVP)?
The Minimum viable product is the product having minimal features giving better functionality than other products or solves the problem which the targeted customers face.

Let’s imagine the car as the final product and the MVP product is the 1st iterated product. If the end-users want a car, you don’t simply give a tyre as the MVP product. What would the user do with the car tire? They wanted a car.

The same way if you give a bicycle as the MVP instead of a car, the customers might feel confused and can’t relate how a bicycle would be rebuilt to the car.

Therefore, build an MVP product being usable and needful to users. Get their candid feedback of the product as that would give the idea of the next development process for adding any advanced or complicated features to MVP.

Why prefer the development of MVP?
According to statistics, 70% of small business owners failed in their 10th year in business.

Most products turned out to be unsuccessful because it failed miserably to please the targeted audience. Users need a product that solves the existing problem the market presents or it is something which can completely revolutionize the industry, making the traditional trend obsolete.

MVP helps you to validate your product idea to the targeted audience. The user’s feedback and growth denotes the market needs and demand.

At times, startups have a great product idea but get executed poorly.

MVP can help in recognising the missing details through customer feedback and set you on the right path.

So once again, the day is saved, thanks to “MVP”!

MVP saves the development time

Instead of building the full product with comprehensive features, and getting failed in the market, MVP saves it from time and embarrassment.
MVP is developed quickly within 1–3 months as it contains only the minimum and essential features. Even if your product idea doesn’t take off, you don’t have to waste time starting the next development iteration.
If you build your Uber-like app is cross-platform, this can save more time and it can be natively compiled to other platforms. Prefer Flutter, to elevate the app performance and to build a visually appealing UI.

MVP saves the development cost

MVP can save the development cost by building minimum features instead of building the whole product at once.
If developed with a cross-platform, you can reduce the development cost by half as you don’t have to develop separate native apps.

MVP can save the development time and cost by developing the product with crucial and minimum features. To develop an MVP product of an on-demand Uber-Alike business, Wooberly — Uber clone would be a wonderful choice. It is developed with the cross-platform Flutter, which saves more time and money.

To try our iOS and Android apps demo for both Rider and Driver.

Visit: Wooberly - Uber Clone | Built with Flutter

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