Sometimes You Have no Choice but to Pause

ashleemboyer profile image Ashlee (she/her) Updated on ・1 min read

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it forever: your health is more important than anything else. Take care of your body. Feed it good things. Rest it when it hurts. You’re not a bad person if you need a break or to step back from something. Sacrifice your well-being for no one.

This post is short because I need a break. Hope to be back tomorrow with our regularly-lengthed posts. 💕

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This is poignant and important. Thank you for reminding those who needed to be reminded about this today :)


Hope you're soon feeling better.


Feeling much better today, thank you. 😊


This is a good promise but , how can keep it..!!


I think we just have to remember to prioritize our health. It can be easy to forget sometimes though.


Yesterday I popped open the site and went, "Whoa, Ashlee is blowing up my notifications today!" Suddenly that seems a little dark. Hope you're okay!


I’m ok! Guessing it was a bad virus. Feeling much better today. Appreciate the concern. ☺️