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re: Sometimes I feel like I'm using social media all wrong. I'm very introverted and not the type that can just walk up to strangers and join a convers...

Here's the best part about the internet, and I briefly touched on this:

My biggest is advice is this: just put yourself out there. Be unapologetically authentic. If people like you, great. If not, it's just the internet.

Social media takes out the face-to-face component of talking to people. This can be good or bad, that's a different conversation, but I think this is a good thing for people who don't feel 100% comfortable talking in person.

Most of Twitter is very public. People know they're having public conversations. I don't see replies to a thread you're not initially in as "intruding". Often times, you've just found a piece of the conversation relatable and are looking to connect more on that. People are on Twitter just for that! I'd say most people are fine with it.

Being more interactive on Twitter will definitely be good practice for finding ways to start conversations in person. You get to work on your confidence and you only have so many characters to efficiently say what you want to say. You've got this! Just keep practicing. :)

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