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re: Oh. Thats quite unfortunate. May I know which part of the Code Of Conduct says that i cant talk about the author? I was not talking about world wa...

Your comment wasn’t constructive to this conversation. We’re talking about Twitter for networking. Next time, send a DM. Better yet: don’t give unsolicited advice in a condescending manner. Learn how to behave appropriately on the internet.

Sure. why not? Apparently someone got hurt i presume.If my behaviour hurt somebody i beg their pardon and ofcourse as always interesting post.

No one coincidentally got hurt. You were hurtful and rude. Just own up to it and do better moving forward.

I think there is a misunderstanding. I wasnt rude or being hurtful . I only had a doubt that if someone gonna get it in a different way.Maybe my humour most likely messed up along the way. Anyway I understood your point. Lets make everything clear and have a great weekend.

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