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re: Maybe because lots of web developers run Windows especially when the stack involves .NET 🤔

If it doesn't work for you doesn't make it bad, all the web I do on any *nix env I do on windows too php/node/python it is not a problem and I often prefer to do my web dev on windows so; no its not terrible its just not your thing ¯_(ツ)_/¯

That’s great you know what works for you. That’s why I think everyone should be able to choose their own set up. ☺️

Windows is a very powerful, flexible & broad system. It works under more conditions than any other OS (many *nix) & in strange use cases & flavors (kiosks, medical, atms, large deployments for example etc). It comes with paid support for business critical systems.

To build anything substantial you need to have core skills with a bunch of operating systems. This thread is generally about Apple purchasing decisions, but Windows is critical (as is Linux/Unix & a few others). Some of the best devs I have seen use Win regardless of .net

Don't fall into the trap of liking & skilling only on a single OS, over time the balance shifts.

I prefer Linux. It’s nothing personal. ☺️

I have no preference. Rendering is nice on OSX (nix based). Consumer/Office features Win. Server Linux. Android & iOS app dev. The same people & technologies often work across all of them at different periods. They move from one to the other. All can be customized to do what you like.

You can't make IOS apps on Win well but you shouldn't build sites without testing on Win either.

More mainstream operating systems, developed by distinctly different groups would-be interesting.

I’m very familiar with how to develop and test applications. Can we move on?

This convo is about which Mac is good for web development. I didn’t really intend for it to be a convo about different platforms.

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