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Why is React Development Services gaining popularity in this technological era?

The reasons why react development services have been leading the UI development framework and library space, gaining such a high popularity today are listed below:

**Rapid development
**Due to less coding and more functionality facilities, React makes intelligence-infused dynamic web and mobile application development easier to handle and manage.

**Enhanced performance
**Since React uses Virtual DOM, the state comparison & update procedures become faster. Moreover, apps devel- oped with React provide greater loading speed along with the ability to manage huge data manipulation.

**React can easily work along with other frameworks like ExpressJS and Ruby on Bus, as it does not have state manage- ment and routing. This helps in better front-end requirement management.

**Reusable components
**React’s components have their logic and controls, and interestingly they are reusable. Since these components can be reused while developing an app, it decreases the development time dramatically.

**Low learning curve
**React combines basic HTML and JavaScript concepts along with some beneficial additions, which makes it easier to learn. Yet like most frameworks and libraries, it takes time for develop- ers to get adjusted to their workflow.

**Unidirectional data flow
**Using React, developers can nest child components in parent components. Moreover, since the data flow in a single direction, it becomes easier for develo- pers to locate the area of problem and debug errors.

**Quick rendering
**React applications are usually partially and sometimes fully pre-rendered. Moreover, these apps can be hosted on CDNs without API-based servers for superior loading times.

**Better SEO and UX
**React provides quick loading and data sorting times. This improves user experience greatly, which in turn helps to optimize the product on the search engine results page.

**Code stability
**React provides frequent updates and upgrades. However, these updates do not make large changes in the codebase.
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