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How to learn react.

ashifkhan profile image Ashif Khan ・1 min read

How to learn react?
Please tell me the best resources.


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Aakash Chaudhary

Watch tutorials in youtube.( DevEd, Web Dev simplified , Brad Traversy, Mosh and other channels)
Take some courses in udemy .
Read react official docs (when you have some basic understanding of react)
Build some projects to tone your skills and coding abilities.
Happy Journey ! mate.

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I've started with Brad Traversy's crash course on YouTube - it's great, but would be even better with some functionalities explained a bit further. Web Dev Simplified channel is great to get a better understanding of some basic stuff like state managment too :)

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Frontend Dude 👨‍💻

Check out my side project:

100s of free JavaScript resources that cover react too. Hope it helps :)