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Aishwarya Borkar
Aishwarya Borkar

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šŸŒŽ 4 Ways To Make Impact Everyday šŸŒŽ

I am super inspired by Mindy Kaling and I want to pay it forward the way she did. I may not be a celebrity or rich but I think it's awesome that there are ways us ordinary human beings are empowered to give back.

That being said, these are a few of the ways I like to contribute positively to the world simply by using apps or the Internet the way I normally do! Additionally, being involved in the nonprofit sector - through the Society of Women Engineers and now - definitely forced me to be creative when it came to fundraising.

Forest šŸŒ³

I actually mentioned this in the most recent #DevDiscuss re. productivity, but Forest incentivizes less time spent on your phone by translating that to more points towards planting a tree in real life. If you use your phone before the timer is up, your virtual tree dies and you don't get any points. Better luck next time!

Screenshots of Forest app.
Try not to use your phone before the timer is up.

Lyft šŸš•

If you swipe to the left in the Lyft app and select 'Donate', you will be taken to the following page where you can opt-in to this feature, in which your fares will be rounded up to the next dollar and the difference will be donated to a charity of your choice.

Screenshots of Lyft's Donate feature.
Choose 'Donate' and your preferred charity.

Amazon Smile šŸ˜Š

I know Amazon has come under fire for its treatment of warehouse workers, and I do not condone that. The fact remains that millions of people use Amazon Prime and its free two-day shipping. So why not donate along the way? You must remember to go to instead of and select your preferred charity. It's recommended to bookmark Amazon Smile so you don't forget.

Screenshot of Amazon Smile dropdown.

Screenshot of Amazon Smile bookmark.
Bookmark Amazon Smile in your browser.

Tab for a Cause šŸ’»

A browser extension that donates money to charity every time you open a new tab.

Screenshot of Tab for a Cause page when you open a new tab.
Tab for a Cause.

What are some ways you all like to give back? Are there are any apps or websites that I missed?

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