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How to Post Long Video on WhatsApp Status | [WhatsApp Trick]

If you prefer the video, then you can watch this video

Most of the time we want to share the videos in WhatsApp status, but what happens is the WhatsApp limit the length of the video to be shared on WhatsApp Status to only 30 seconds. So we cannot share videos that are more than 30 seconds, but today I am going to share one trick, which will allow us to share the videos of any length to the Whatsapp Status.

For this we will need an App by name Video Splitter:- SPLIT and Share Directly You can download this app by visiting this link. It is also free

After downloading, you just need to select the video from the app and press next, that it will split that video into 30 seconds long and after that, you can share that video directly from the app.

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