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Discussion on: What I learned from failing my technical interviews

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Christopher Graves

I don't have a degree either! It is absolutely possible to thrive, though we are at a disadvantage until the interview. But that's where non-traditional developers usually shine.

Do the same things as the author said -- keep learning every day and bettering yourself. My best experiences have been starting side projects. Make a text based game, or create a shopping list mobile app, or do one of those 50 projects in 50 days lists. It doesn't have to be super successful, but it will take you through real problems and teach you to be much better at problem solving.

And an aside, try to learn the industry standard terminology. I struggled a lot in interviews because I didn't understand what 'array notation' was.

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Farhana Author

+1 on every Christopher has said! My side projects were definitely the star of the show during the interviews. I started with creating my portfolio website and listing that on my resume as well as creating a ReactJS project because I felt like a lot of companies were heading towards this framework.

Otu Michael, I wish you the best of luck and tons of good vibes on your studying and searching. Networking with people already in the industry helped me learn what opportunities were out there as well as attending conferences, both free and scholarship awarded. The FreeCodeCamp website is a favorite website of mine that has a ton of real world project ideas to work on, where a lot of software developers gain new skills for new opportunities. Keep networking and studying!

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Otu Michael

Thanks, Man...

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