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Discussion on: State of Microfrontends

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Christopher Graves

To Florian's point, MFE shouldn't be used all the time, and same with microservices. Monolith still certainly has a place in the world of applications.

Though I have to strongly disagree with the 'shouldn't be used' ideology. My ecommerce organization is in a position to benefit greatly from this, we have data coming in from a dozen different channels, and the web environment is just another channel, but it draws over half a million unique users a day. Our front end team is among a mobile team, integrations team, a couple purpose-built enterprise solutions teams, and more. Our team has grown to over 30 developers working on 5-6 parallel projects on a monolith application, and it's absolute hell to manage releases.

There is definitely a use-case for this.

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Pragmatic Maciej

I wrote "shouldn't be used until..." so please don't take out sentence from the context. I said there are use cases, and exactly in bigger projects where monolith starts to be a problem. Great to hear that it works for your project.